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                  We build the finest systems for making Well Water great!  at a fraction of the cost.  No matter where You live in The USA You can get our system.  This is The only advertised system that the EPA recommends for Well filtration with membrane.  Do You already have a Filter System by others ?  Are You tired of the Dealer Service calls ?  Three major services annually that cost You thousands ?  Costly Filter media changes ? Power head Repairs ?  Chlorinator not pumping ? Leaks?  Computer card failures ? Smelly Water Brown or Yellow water   plumbing fixtures going bad?   We build The WellGuru to benefit You and You really can avoid Dealer servicing !   Any part for Your WellGuru is designed to be changed (byYou) in under 4 minutes and there are No serviceable parts over $125.   In Fact your first service is at Five years and its $125.    Other brand systems You spend an average of $1200 annually and many are back in the market shopping for a replacement system within five years.  99.5% of our systems are still installed after decades of service.   I   Eric Watson hand build every WellGuru,   pack to ship... or install    Watch My Video below and give Me a Call !   727-465-4610 

No matter where You live You can own our System.

 We custom build Water Treatment Systems for any Well Water  problems.  I test Your water by mail and  with my 40 years of experience.  I build Your Custom system from the ground up.   Right now We are offering FREE shipping (Lower 48 States ) or Free installation within Florida ( two hour travel).   We specialize in Well Waters others cant “fix”.  

With 40 years experience & Same location since 1986

   Dont  allow  Something as important as Your families water to be handled by a  middle Man Budget internet sales company or Franchise or an independent that does not have the experience needed to “right” Your Wellwater.   We do in house water tests by mail and custom engineer Your WellGuru system around Your well and families needs.