There’s only one way -the right way



    There is no short cuts, This is the industry standard and We build the finest unit.  Capable of rejection of contaminates  down to the size of atom . The new German water table tests are indicating 24500 contaminates in our  water tables. They are in 4 in 5 bottled waters.  My systems can pay for them selves as they are engineered to be reliable  and easy to own, inexpensive and offer amazing performance. Some dealers will feed You lies to justify what they are selling  I.E “Reverse Osmosis will  rob you of healthy minerals taking them out !....fact; Your minerals come from food...don’t get Bamboozled .



    This spilled out of a whole home filter system built and  serviced several times annually a Florida co., with a chlorinator ..and the only indicator was a slight metallic taste in His water...I  found their  piping and filters was filled with this slime .  There were many common mistakes made...and We See this frequently. IF You would like to see what I find in my daily service I can show countless examples.  I found early on there were a few dozen industry defects in this business  decades 2012  I engineered these problems out..These problems make filter dealers and tech’s  a boat load of profits., the consumer  has no idea,..they rely on the “expert”.


We only provide what Works!

When The internet came along and I constructed my first web site there was only four dealers ..Today there are thousands....Incredibly most filter dealers have not even installed a filter...and what they offer can cause more problems .  In the photo thumbnails above I show examples of typical mistakes. I included some industry marketing “angles” They have been using since the 70s...Your not just throwing Your money away You could be   making You and Your Family sick. I have 70.000 customers and 40 years experience, and Im a competent  Lic.Plumber..Our Customers have great water .