•    If you are shipped We pay freight costs., You must keep delivery appointment and be available to answer your phone., some shipping companies can bill for time if they cant get final directions if needed., this is not-included  and result in additional charge.


  •    The whole home systems are on a pallet., delivery includes moving system pallet up as far as pavement ends.,or into your garage., You use your own dolly to move contents to installation location .

Payment for whole home systems

                     We accept checks or cash No credit cards ., We are wholesale builders and include shipping We cant offer the best equipment ., assembly., and freight with charge back risks and We cant keep up with the latest credit scams, or/and pay the 3%..others who do can  because they generate huge profits. If You are purchasing  a RO by itself..or parts we except-pay-pal at store page. we do not refund for systems,..these systems can take 30 hrs to build,.and We do not Re sell used equipment .


  •     IF We are running a unadvertised sale or promotion  we will tell You.

Shipping damage

  •  shipments are insured and its rare to  have damage., if there is and its minor We will switch it out what’s damaged., IF there is any You should indicate it on the delivery order.,You must be present to sign, except delivery .

Water testing and analysis

  •     I the owner will test your sample.,i make my assessment off the sample.,after four decades i almost never error...If i do I will do what’s needed..IF what i eprescribe and engineer falls short of turning your water around ? You must order whats required ..every problem water has its own challenge..i have not ever had to send additional equipment and No customer has needed any..I haven’t had to   Even once bill for any additional equipmeant..everyones water-is  great. It can happen however...i offer any upgrades at our shop cost.



Warranty work

  •      There never is  any..We build right and use top shelf material..however if the  system is shipped then You are the installer..You must return the part,.I will bench it and fix free. Out of warranty ? Ive yet to charge for bench-labor..IF we install then customer is responsible for labor   And travel time., I’ve never had to bill for that either.

Repairs out of warranty

          We build  systems that owners can maintain..Ive only had a few calls but it was a decade or more later and the customer did not mind paying us to go over their system. Labor/travel is $88 hourly. My systems are engineered not  to cause service revenue .

System Warranties The best in the industry

  •  Power Head  body 5 years/Tanks 3 years./  Computer panels 10 years on factory defects/ motors 5 years/ chlorinator defects 1 year/reverse osmosis housings 5 years/faucets 1 yr/We are not responsible for damage  or leaks or personal injury...installed or shipped systems. These warranties are equal or exceed  industry standards .warranty covers original owner.

Your private information

  •   your name  address phone or any information personal or otherwise is kept in the shop  We never use it to market or sell it! ...this has been my /our policy since 2001. 


  •   I've always included free technical support., I will assist You 24/...I can offer this with my personal cellular because i build reliable systems even with  70.000 customers world wide. No other company does this,..not in well water...they cant .

Time frames for custom builds

  •       This  fluctuates through out the year..it typically takes 2 to 3 weeks. Shipping 1 to 8 days..this can fluctuate with weather conditions. I will issue You a due date when Your payment arrives,..weather sick days..can  push due dates forward..its never exceeded a week,..usually its ready  sooner.


Files coming soon.