AFS municipal twin tank


Why The AFS Twin Tank System over a Softener ?

  • The AFS City/ municipal Water Twin Tank does what no other advertised system can do.  It’s a “REAL” Twin Tank  (not two small softeners ) regenerating in the middle of the day and using more salt.,  its two automated digital filters expertly assembled by a Mechanic with forty years of experience .  The AFS Twin filters Chlorine and Chloramines and thousands of contaminates  before it Softens using the softener side.  its likely You have never bathed in water this pure and luxurious !   The AFS Twin is made using the same exact  components our WellGuru systems utilize.  City Water “is well water”  it has only chlorine added in most cases and iron reduced. 

What is the second vessel ? Advantages ?

  • The Softener side (the secondary vessel)  is protected from the chlorine in all municipal waters, is protected by the First vessel ( The AFS Conditioner) which filters thousands of contaminates and Chlorine & Chloramines ( which are used in many municiplalies ) and can inhibit the softening process by 40% .  This means Your softener media should not have to be changed ,  it also means your not breathing in chlorinated hot water vapor as millions do with an ordinary softener or just city water.   You can always add the Conditioner unit to the softener next year if its not in Your budget.  With Your softener shielded from city chlorine your filter medias dont degrade as they will in all other brands.   Save big on not buying bottled water !  This AFS Super Twin is better water then 4 in 5 bottled waters  imagine taking a shower in water that’s better then most bottled waters  and feels more luxurious then  any bottled water brand !

Why Dont Other Dealers Tell Us This ?

  • Because adding a second filter unit costs them money ...They stand to make thousands of dollars in repairs and media “Re-bedding”  ( typically $475 and Up ) or selling You a whole new unit.   Chloramines in city water makes them more money in salt delivery (We DONT deliever salt ) our systems use up to 70% less  there would be no profit.  

Can I order Your System and Install it Myself?

  •  Usually Yes!..if You already have a System its Easy., The piping is already there ..Send Me pictures of Your Water main pipe to My Cellular phone 727-465-4610 and I tell You what’s involved..No matter where live in America You can own our Systems,.We also Pre-plumb it for You., include New quick connects and I..Eric Watson (Lic.Plumber) can offer free support,  With todays smart phones Support-is  Super easy!   You wont find a better system..see My “about Us” page  know Your Mechanic.  Know Your doing business with an expert .

Does the system Use Salt?

  •  Do not get Bamboozled with dealers that market Salt Free Softening !  There’s absolutely No Such Thing.  There is No Electro-Magnetic Gizmo (that costs $2500) or $400  that will soften Your city water or well water.  IF there was I would be offering it months ahead of anyone. This industry is Un-Regulated and that means they have a Lic To lie or mislead or tell half truths.  IN the old days We policed ourselves,  We had honor ...You would have a hard time these days finding a dealer that tells the truth. This is Why You get so much conflicting information.  IF You buy from them and Your water is still leaving soap curd in the bath tub after each use  its because what they sold You is not softening Your water .    The Only way to make soft luxurious water at every tap is to physically extract the “Ore” from the water flow.  Ore is “Rock”  i.e Calcium carbonate and lime and scale ( let me know if you find a magnet that works on rock)  see ?  Their gadgets are a lie.  You May think You have Soft Water  You dont .  My Syustem will give You Zero Grains of soft water  my Twin Tank will even remove the chlorine and filter thousands of contaminates.  

Are these the same quality head units as The WellGuru system?

  The AFS Twin Tank Municipal system  We use the exact same components as our WellGuru Super that We have been solving some of the worlds toughest water problems.  You wont have to do this job twice with Us .     Call Eric Watson Now !      at 727-465-4610  and We can discuss what needs You have  and system size and give You the price at the same time.   We are half the price as other franchisers and Your getting the best quality and a “real” System .   Leave a detailed message or text Me from Your cell phone   727-465-4610     Eric Watson   The owner AFS