AFS municipal twin tank

Why The Twin Tank?

  • The AFS City/ municipal Water Twin Tank does what no other advertised system can do..Filters Chlorine and Chloramines  and thousands of contaminates!  Imagine taking a shower or bath in chlorine free water?...breathing chlorine in a hot shower Is not healthy., bathing in it can  be irritating with it creates seven THM’s..and other dangerous compounds. 2% of the population develops cancer after 20 years of exposure,(id bet that’s a conservative figure) on

Why Else Would One Choose this over just a water Softener?

  • The Softener side (the secondary vessel) which also uses the same media packs as our Well Treatment system (city water is well water) the softener is shielded from the chlorine (in all city waters)..cannot degrade the softening medias..(chlorine/chlorimines )is an oxidizer..over time (one year-ten years)softening medias can degrade/dissolve ..Where does it end up? Your formulas ..Your drinking water..The softening beads (there is millions)..are a mineral product from the oil industry...Benign..normally,..unless they  dissolve. The Twin Tank (We engineer)protects You and Your family like No other system...Our systems do not use ordinary GAC (carbon) it requires replacement every year to three  depending on water quality...Ours is able to operate a decade.,(most twice  this span)..

Why Dont Other Dealers Tell Us This ?

  • Many They only want to build and buy and sell as cheap and easy of a flawed unit as they can...They usually Charge as much or more then Our AFS Twin !...What about Chlorine exsposure?..IF they cared they would not be selling You a system that needs annual costly service ...And from what I see they don't know or realize the mechanics of it.

Can I order Your System and Install it Myself?

  •  Usually Yes!..if You already have a System its Easy., The piping is already brought up...Send Me pictures of Your Water main pipe to My Cellular phone 727-465-4610 and I’d Be happy to access it,..No matter where live in America You can own our Systems,.We also Pre-plumb it for You., include New quick connects and I..Eric Watson (Lic.Plumber)..Will guide You..With todays smart phones Support-is  Super easy!...Free Support  is free for life.

Does the system Use Salt?

  •  Do not get Bamboozled with dealers that market Salt free conditioning (there is no such animal )....No magnetic field ..No “special tech” softens ..Remember its an Unregulated industry.,They do and say what they want to make a sale. To make soft (luxurious)..Water The “Ore”...(Rock) must be physically extracted from the flow..This is done  those mineral beads (billions of them) ...after around a 1000-2000 gallons of hard water..the little micro-beads (they look like a golf ball)....under a magnifying glass.,....those little dimples? They now look like a micro snow ball...Calcium carbonate  lime and scale clings to the dimples...The salt tank only stores salt So the computer can send water in to create “Brine”...the brine is by automation used to “Shake-off” the rock off the beads...thus giving you a rejuvenated media bed to soften for another week-or-two...No Salt is mixed with your water..and with my systems there is virtually no sodium increase.

Are these the same quality head units as The WellGuru system?

   Yes all The heavy duty components!....Feel Free to call Me at 727-465-4610  and We can discuss what needs You have ! Eric Watson/owner